My Passion


I named my personal site Reveal Your Style for a very important reason and that is because it is in many ways how I view what I do and what makes me so passionate about hair! Let me explain.


Clients sit in my chair when they want the best version of themselves to appear.  Whether male, or female, whether preparing for a job interview, a new date, or just needing a fresh version of themselves to appear to the world...what they all have in common is they are seeking this best version of themselves. 

Once a client is in my chair, it is then my job to use my ears to listen to what they want to achieve, my professional tools to craft that look, and finally my discerning eye to know how to best use those tools to reveal that new style to the world!

And this is precisely what I love about my vocation!  Having the power to take the version of you that first sits in my chair and shortly, thereafter, to reveal to you a style that you will find is the BEST version of YOU! The version of "YOU" that shines the brightest and makes you the most confident!

I adore revealing my clients new style to them upon completing my work!  Seeing the happiness on my client's face is a true gift!  Giving that person who came in to prepare for that interview the confidence they need is truly rewarding!  Seeing that mischievous look on that clients face, as they go on to that date with joy in their heart, rather than apprehension and nervousness reminds me of the great love in my life!  And finally in seeing just that quiet joy in someone's face as they simply rediscover their own inner beauty, by feeling handsome, or beautiful, makes me feel at peace with the world and what I bring to it! 

And this is precisely why I feel "" captures everything I love about hair and what I do to make it all come to life!

I hope my passion for my craft has inspired you to peruse my Gallery page, and, if you are satisfied with what you see, I can't wait to have you in my chair and as one of my clients!  So, please feel free to contact me soon, so I can Reveal Your Style to the World!